Are you entirely self taught or did art school help shape up the style you have today? I've been struggling with my human style and I'm really desperate for ways to get better with it.

I went to art school, which! Isn't for everyone. However, I personally greatly benefited from the rigorous schedule and foundation courses I was taught, as well as the opportunities and various methods I was given to experiment with. I am pretty self-disciplined, but if it weren't for art school, I would have developed much more slowly as an artist, and I wouldn't be nearly as good with color and shape as I believe myself to be.
If art school isn't for you, the only thing I can suggest is to practice, practice, practice. You may or may not hate what you draw, but unfortunately the only way to get better is to really put your nose to the grindstone when it comes to studying. If you can, take life drawing classes- when I was in high school, I signed up for them with the closest museum, which was an hour away from my home town, but I made it work. Life drawing will exponentially improve your ability to draw people. Go outside and observe people day to day and do gesture drawings of people at cafes, malls, wherever people gather. Buy anatomy books: I recommend Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet; I guarantee most artists have a copy of this book on them lol. Study Andrew Loomis' studies. As you improve with drawing realistic humans, you will gain a better understanding of the human body and can naturally develop ways to exaggerate the human form. Studying how other cartoonists and illustrators exaggerate the human form, and trying to distinguish which cartoonists and illustrators influenced THEIR work will strengthen your understanding of visual design.
Ummm I think that's the most I can think of now, lol... Hope it helps!

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