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what if a force hides the treatment of diseases such as cancer, vascular occlusion, etc. to establish a new world order and turns a blind eye to the death of old people, what would you think about it

Well then do be it I guess ...

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Question! If a witch transformed me into a 1000$ pair of shoes and delivered me to your doorstep, would you spend all your time and money trying to transform me back into a human? Or... what would you do? 😅

Those shoes would then be your life.... Hopefully you won't ever need them... Lol

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If you're stopped at a red light in the left turn lane and and u see an ambulance approaching with sirens/lights in the rear view mirror but the 2 lanes to the right of u are taken, do you pull over into the intersection or stay there and wait?

Depends on laws in your area

How do you deal with the love of your life leaving you ? After you built him up to where he is now?

Trust the process.

Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Yeah my 14 year old boyfriend who threaten to kill himself if I broke up with him .

You chased after me for 5 months. Give or take but I’ll let you have it because I chased you for 19 give or take. So. Good bye hoe. Lol. 😉😉😉🤫

Yeah I'm a hoe I'll rake you up real quick. Run


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