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Stop. John loves Skyler why doesn't anyone understand that?! Hes not dating for popularity or anything. John really really loves Skyler.. Trust me.... So stop.

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^^ thx

I don't get you. You go around flirting with every living person there is yet you claim you love skyler.

And who do I flirt with anon?

You don't even love her. You just think you do until one day you end up fighting and then you lose her and never get her back. And then you will go telling everybody you hate her and then it's all over.

No. First of all I love her to death. Second, I dont plan on fighting at all. The only way I'll lose her is if shes the one who dumps me. There's no way I could ever hate Skyler, no matter what she does. I think there's a reason I dont love you anon ;)
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ily but don't even say it back because you obviously don't mean it. I try and yet I fail... Again :(

...sorry. But I love Skyler and only Skyler.
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