Ask @joesthetic:

funniest sleepover memory?

lmao i still laugh about this every day and my friend called me an asshole because of this
so, this month i was at my friend's birthday party/sleepover when we were watching my friend Nate play this game on his laptop. my other friend, Kenton, was wandering around because he was bored and shit and idk how but he got his head stuck under the coffee table my friend had his computer on. he was like "help pls" and i tried to move the table and nate was like "dONT TOUCH THE FUCKIGN TABLE WITH MY 1500$ LAPTOP ON IT DHDHDGDBDBDDBBS" and i was trying to pull him out and i was practically screaming at nate to help me but he didn't listen and i almost slapped him when he realized that Kenton was stuck and said "wHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!??" i laughed myself to sleep that night.

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