Ask @JoeyYoungbuck:

How is the team atmosphere nowadays, especially after securing LCS for another season? Also, how much of an impact has Dentist made on you/the team after coming in? And do you guys have anymore exciting picks for the summer? :D Love you guys, keep going! #KeepHowling.

Same old same old, always smiling and laughing together. Dentist is great part in creating a good atmosphere and the exciting pick is going to have to be my vlad

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Do you see way's to improve even further for the next split, and how?

As a team? too much to name but definetly will focus on our midgame and pressuring the map/closing out games
As an individual? fuck yeah I want to improve my map awareness the most because it's bronze level (that is an insult to bronze players) and there are always improvements to be made in laning + teleports

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what has been the biggest disappointing in your career so far?

Week 1 and 2 of this split. I completely shit the bed by trying to be a carry and playing extremely agressive which made me overextend a lot and take risks that weren't necessary.
I wanted this split to change around the perspective people had of me but because first impressions are the strongest when it comes to LCS the 7 weeks of average/solid play is outweighed by 2 absolutely horrible weeks

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