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How do you get friends on here I don't even have any in real life. How pathetic am I???

lanaaaleaaa’s Profile PhotoLana Lea
You just talk is all and you are not pathetic some people are just not very friendly

Just because I have deep and genuine love for you doesn’t mean you have to be around me, communicate with me or even look my way. Keep it just the way it is now, no contact and not in sight. I love it that way!

And that is weird

Are yu tha type to trust someone on tha first day & see if tha person gonna break it or don’t trust at all & let tha person build it up???

It has to be built

I love you. Never stopped loving you..I am here for you just as I was yesterday, today I am here, tomorrowwww I am here..just as I will be 4ever. 💋. Get ready my love. 💋


What relaxes you when you are stressed?

ToriHilson’s Profile Phototori
Fresh air soothing sounds and sometimes a drink 🥃 but that’s rare. I’d prefer just being outdoors in the elements

I love you. I wish I could be in your life, but I don’t want to be. Because you don’t want me in your life, so it wouldn’t work. Trust me, I don’t go where I’m not wanted. Even if I want to be there. No point in that. I was just thinking about what I’d be like to hug you again and was like🥰



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