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what makes you happy?

Music makes me happy. I like to play on my turntables and make shitty music but its all for fun no?

do you think youre better then other people?

No i do not. I think im exactly the same as every other person. NO ONE should be treated superior.. I think everyone should be treated equally

Why do people smoke?

Because it gets them out of a situation, maybe to be social and the fact that people are stupid and want to die a slow death..

describe the girl of your dreams? what preferred physical and personality traits.

Well for starters she has to be good to me as I would to her. She has to be mentality fit and keep an open mind with things, she doesn't need to be physically fit but does need to keep up to my paste :P she has to be beautiful and good to look at. She would be my partner for everything, and I would love to travel the world with her.

Near death experience?

Well when I was little I think i may have been 3 or 4 at the time but we went to this pool place while we were on holiday. I met this kid around my age and we got along until he push me into the deep side of the water! I didn't know how to swim at the time and I was floating down and couldn't breathe I was drowning. I think I almost passed out until my sister came to save me and when I got up I looked around and EVERYONE was looking at me and I was in paranoia shock and didn't go back into the water after. I never saw that kid after either... But still remember exactly how it was.

Whats your zombie survival plan? and who would you team up with?

Hahaha to be honest I wouldn't have a clue. If an outbreak were to happen I would grab a knife in the kitchen and a long bat of some sort maybe a shovel something I would have haha. The people I would team up with probably the local citizens around the area until an outbreak happens there then I'll ride solo.

What about a parental test/exam? just to see if you are qualified to have kids?

Yes to see if your fit to be a parent in general I agree. Because some people in this world would either give up on their kid or live their life in regret forever.. It's really something you gotta be ready for tbh.

I think the parental licence question was asking if a person should have to get a licence before having a child, like how you have to get a licence before you drive..

I'm pretty sure that's what marriage is for.. Haha but I get what you mean

Would you get a tattoo? Where would you have it and of what?

Iv always wanted a dragon tattoo with the head staring at my chest with it coming up with the tail ending on one of my arms. That would be legit as


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