Ask @johnstone8800:

How many people do you love?

I have love for a few people. I won't say names or shit like that. I'm not IN love with anyone, though. I can love and feel it and be in love, and I have been a few times, but when that love is severed by any means that made it come to an end of the relationship, I don't continue to feel love as I did before it ended. Honestly, it's difficult for me to ever to be as I was when it was the first time. I don't go back to exes often, I have but, it doesn't always work out. I have love for you if you were ever in a relationship with me, but it ended as did the IN love part of it.
Now, no more love questions. Stop asking them.

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What are some things in life (can include your future wants/needs) that you will not compromise on and why?

I can comprise on certain things with certain people in all situations. I like this question but it's not specific enough for me to give a straight up answer. Give examples or scenarios or to that effect so I can give you a better answer.
And why?.. Because I said so.

What do u love?

There's a few "What" things that I enjoy.
I like creative minds, spontaneous ideas that are followed through without questioning the the outcome; being free of what people may think or say. I don't care what people think of me and finding an alike mind is lovely. Um.. Challenges, wheels always turning for the next big ride, the new world to discover and explore. Ambition to make it so and creative motivation to keep it going. Sharing freedom in all things possible, that I love.

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what is the most common misconception about love that you know? and how are you going to debunk it?

I would think it be that people lie about their feelings for another. They do feel it but they are lying to themselves saying they don't and I can't debunk it.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. If someone doesn't want to be truthful about anything, they won't be..
Love exist either way.

in your opinion, what should a man be like?

Well, if I were ever to have a son, I would raise him to be responsible for his actions, admit when he is wrong, I do that myself and sometimes it sucks but it's good mannerism, which would be another thing I'd teach my son. To treat his woman like he wants a man to treat his mother: Respectfully. Honest and be loyal to the ones he would grow up to love. Treat everyone else accordingly to how their treating him. Life is incredibly short, even to a immortal like me, my mortal friends die and you have to make the best of it instead of the worst of it or else you're only left with bad memories. Haunted of the past and what could have been and if I had done this or that differently.. It's better to give the best memories possible and not be so negative about things. I'd do my best at everything to raise him right. Better than I am.

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