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Him for sure

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Jojo siwa I hate dance mom because that girl went


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Your the most beautiful girl in the world

Back at the ALDC 😝

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Add me on fb plz

Gerri Ray

I don't have Facebook?

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Jojo is still dancing in dances moms

I don't

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can i ask u something

Considering this is ask fm

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Are you still in touch with the other girls?


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Hey babes. How u doing

Joey Walter


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Which couple is your relationship goals

Opinion on The hate Maddie and Kendall are getting?

She took it to far with this. She needs help

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Do you have a crush?

My boyfriend 😊

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I said how come your not allowed to wear thong underwear?

I know what you said.

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How come you're not allowed to wear thongs yet?


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Did dance moms end ?

I'm not on it anymore so idk

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I love you❤️

Jaycee Wilkins (YAY C)

I love you too ❤️

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Who do you look for when your world falls apart?

Opinion on ken liking malu for 2 months and calling her beautiful n his bio while he was dating maddie?

He needs to go see a doctor because he lost someone who really cared about him. He won't find another girl like that, ever again. Maddie can also do so much better. Maddie is a dime & he lost her.

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Opinion on sierra??

Didn't I answer this

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Opinion on Sierra?

What app you use for chatting?

Got my tooth pulled today😭😂😂😂

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