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tbh|| you better treat my girl right or we gonna have some issues . but you're a great kid so ion have to worry

Imma treat her so good and me and her are gonna go to all the basketball games and talk a lot and get to kno each other and things like that it's gonna be great😊 @lauren1080

she doesnt post anything about you and she doesnt like anything you say about her on ask

Cuz she barley on ask and that don't mean shit come off anon then be big and bold

nigga you're dumb as hell , kanye is $53 million in debt what the fuck

Emilyvilla64’s Profile PhotoEmily Villa
Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not what I was told yesterday and talking bout yesterday I heard tyga is in debt and he is bankrupt not Kanye I was seriously talking about this yesterday
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Trump or Hillary

Well I'm Mexican so if I could vote I would put Hillary because she's been in the government game longer and she ain't building a border wall but she will still send caught immigrants home which is not so very cool cuz I think they should have a chance but it's better than a wall. Like the other day I saw a trump sign as I was about ready to rip it out there lawn and smash it in the window. Like seriously you want Trump to win first he's racist second he's a liar third he makes fun of kids with special needs. But 2020 Kanye got my vote.


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