Ask @joshcompatriot:

What's special about you ?👀

I’m above average in most areas and not just due to the Lake Wobegon effect.
I’m well informed, highly intelligent, and I am an excellent problem solver.
I can find creative solutions to traditional problems and I can figure out how to apply simple solutions to complex issues.
I can identify patterns quickly, and I am a very fast learner.

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hello guys I'm looking for a quick way to prove the existence of free will, using the scientific method ! thx

You can’t use science to prove a term used in philosophy, they are two completely different disciplines.
Now, you could try to use a scientific study that follow the principles of the scientific method to support your claim, but you would have issues in that your opposition would be able to find an approximately equal number of scientific studies that support the claim of predetermination.

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How would you know if a girl who has a boyfriend likes you? (They've been together for 3 years already) And I keep on catching her looking at me for like 10 or more times even when Im not talking to her. And she smiles often at me. She gives me a ride whenever his boyfriend's not on the city? WDYT?

Dude, she has a boyfriend.
Be a man and get your own girlfriend.

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