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What are your TOP 5 movies?

Not another teen movie
Ferris bueler
Fault in our stars
Umm maybe mockingjay pt 2??

Tbh// I miss you sm its actually insane ❤️ you are so gorgeous and actually an inspiration ? we have to hang ASAP

awh love u so much babe and i was so sad we didnt get to hang at the warner haunt plans soon!!❤️

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who do u like

If this is a joke which it prob is bc basically everyone saw wat i did this weekend, ur not funny and this is just rlly mean so plz stop
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Pap of squad in bikinis from Yosemite

Lmao the yosemite pics were r legit from so long ago their literally from like 6 months ago but either way I'm still not posting

what did u wish u did differently last year

Honestly, if i had nvr gone to the bathroom that one day last november, the whole ms barnett thing could have been avoided and posts like the one below would have nvr been posted (and no, that is not my arm,) and the endless amount of ppl that i have worried or disappointed or hurt over the past year would have been avoided
what did u wish u did differently last year

who's on the performance team with u

Sophie landau, colette, katie babb, jones, brianna goldfarb, malena, audrey, mekai, bella, abby, drew, cassie, lily

If you had to dye your hair and keep the color for the next five years, what color would you choose?

Lmao i like just died my hair over the summer so id keep it that way but with more highlights

your house haunted?ANy good ghost stories? O.O

Once i was up in the middle of the middle of the night and went into the kitchen to grab my phone and the wood floor started creaking and then my sister just kept saying my name over and over in her sleep and since my house has like a million hallways it kept echoing rlly loudly and i got so freaked out?


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