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You're the best person I've met, thank you for becoming my friend and standing with me through all the storms we had to face this year. You're a blessing to have in my life. I adore you and love you and so much more

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ahhh guys this girl pls!! 🥺🤏🏻
well honestly idk what made me want to write it for you but every time i reread your msgs it makes me have a big smile on my lips without noticing it so i just wanted to tell you thanks for everything you did for me, thanks for always being there for me when i was so down to the worst level for a long time and trying your best to get me from the darkness to the light again and making me stronger to can beat on it. really im sure that i will never find a pure soul like you in my whole life and that's why i never wanna lose you, they say sometimes you may meet someone that you never know how much they're gonna mean to you, you may meet a person who can make such a change in your life to the point where you don't know life without them anymore, where it makes you think how was life before this person ever fell in front of your eyes. that makes you wonder if things would ever be the same after them but i think no, life may be like hell without you, we've faced a lot of ups and downs together in 2022 and i hope we still get a lot of memories in this new year. and for sure can't forget about our special gossip moments it's the best thing for me even if sometimes we finish all the topics but still our gossips doesn't end, ILY JEN 🏻

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Youre the best person Ive met thank you for becoming my friend and standing with

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