Y I don't like texting first - but then recently, he said he likes me enough to where he wouldn't mind hearing from me more. I just don't know if the sex changes that. Ugh. I hate dating.

Part 3 (and answer)
This question was sent to me six days ago. Hopefully you two have hashed things out. He's texted you and your worries have somewhat quieted down, but if he hasn't been as responsive as you want him to be, maybe you should talk to him and let him know your dilemma.
In these early phases of a relationship, we try too hard to satisfy the other person. You need to chill on that. This isn't just about him, this is also about you. Trying to protect yourself from him liking you less is a fool's errand. It sounds like he likes you and you two had sex, why are you waiting for him to tell you what's next? Ask yourself how you want to proceed. Do you want to see him again? Make some plans, even if it's just for sex, tell him you'd like him to come over later in the week.
My point here is, make the move you want to make.

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