or for how long. He was lucky to have my affections, I'm sure about that, I just wondered if his past choices were indicative of other issues. The things you mentioned; fun, safety, intimacy all sound probable & potentially problematic. Standards can erode when you don't feel good about yourself (3)

Part 3. You have valid points all around. And before I even respond to the rest of this, I'd just like to establish for the record that I definitely have insecurities about me being 6'0 tall sometimes. I'm glad you noticed that.
Now, as for the rest of your question or rather, response to my response, I just thought it was extremely judgmental. I should've just told you flat out that no, there is no real psychology to sleeping with unattractive women because, well, it's tough to say anyone thinks someone they slept with is unattractive. Maybe these women didn't match the physical criteria he has to be in a relationship with them, but they definitely matched some criteria he had for him to sleep with them. I have not wanted to sleep with beautiful women who have wanted to sleep with me simply because they had something else about them that turned them off, something you can't describe in physical terms. And I have slept with women who maybe don't meet other people's standards of beauty, but I wanted to sleep with them because there was some unspoken chemistry between us. whatever it is, attraction comes to us in all types of ways. I think that should be respected.

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