Talking to a guy for 5 months. We talk several times a day. When we go out, it's chill. He's attentive & a gentleman -- nothing sexual. Confused bc occasionally he refers to me as a friend. I'd like to think no one talks to someone that often if they're not interested, but assumptions are dangerous.

You're right. Assumptions are dangerous.
I'm going to ask you the same question I ask anyone who hits me with this type of question. How interested are you in this guy? I mean, seriously, I want to know because from what you've described he sounds like he's done the bare minimum and yet, somehow that's managed to be enough to have you all up in your feelings. I respect those feelings, I just need to know how they got to be so strong for someone who has done so little. Why care so much about a person who has no issue referring to you as a friend? Why aren't you referring to him as a friend too? He's obviously been careful in his approach here. If he's not making any kind of physical advances towards you or any steps to truly be intimate, then he definitely enjoys your company, but he doesn't need your companionship. Believe it or not, some men just like having women as friends and that is probably the case here. Don't assume this, but I encourage you to make an educated guess using the facts he has given you through his actions.

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