#3. Should i bow out gracefully... Stop calling and texting without the anger. Or call him out and say... Your not into me.... Are you seeing someone else? ... The breakup conversation would seem ackward since we are only dating.

Part 3.
You're right. Having a deep talk about this could put him on the defensive and cause him to just discredit your feelings by him simply saying something like, "Well, we're just dating."
I suggest speak to him through your actions and start dating other guys and slowly making yourself less available. Don't look at it as mind games, look at this as a silent statement. When and if he asks why you've been so quiet lately or less available, let him know everything you've told me and see what happens. Hopefully he clears some thing sup for you, because while I can't say he's seeing someone else, everything you told me leads me to believe he has some things in his life that he doesn't want to concern you with until they're handled.

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