#4 How do u make avocado toast?

One of the most important things about avocado toast is the bread. I use Ezekiel Sesame Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, which you can usually find at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. They keep them in the frozen section. The reason why i like this bread is 1) It's healthy 2) It has a heartiness to it, so it's pretty fortifying.
While you're toasting this bread (which I do on a skillet but you can do in a toaster or toaster oven), peel an avocado in a bowl. One avocado will be enough for two slices of toast. Drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice, then start mashing it, leaving it somewhat chunky. If you want, add some tomato to this too.
Once your bread is ready, put the slices on a cutting board and start scooping it then spreading it on the toast. It's important you do this while the bread is still hot because the heat softens the avocado, so if you've used one that's fresh out of the refrigerator, it will make this process easier.
When you're done, hit it with a pinch of sea salt, and either cracked black pepper or red pepper flakes, if you want it to have some kick.
Other options are adding goat or feta cheese on it and, if you really want to elevate things, a fried egg. These last two parts are usually how I make my avocado toast. I love it and have eaten this for breakfast twice a week every week of this year.

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