What's an accomplishment in writing/journalism/media that you're looking to attain/complete/finish in the next year and how do you think doing it will affect your life, if at all?

I want to get my book done. I'm still working on the proposal to give to my agent, but that's the major bucket-list item on my career goal at this point. I have no idea how it will affect my life, but hopefully it will elevate my level of normal. Everyone I've talked to who has published a book says it opened up a lot of doors for them, and I hope that's the case with me.
The other thing I've kind of learned about myself as far as journalism goes is I think I'm more comfortable with being a journalist who talks about dating and relationships and covers lifestyle stories. It's given me a deep satisfaction when I've written guides telling people where to go or what to do. That stuff may seem hackey to some people, but not to me. As a reader, there are people I follow who when they say, go check out this place, I go. I appreciate those people and I want people to appreciate me in a similar way.
There's a lot of pressure to be a certain type of writer or to write about "important things." I think I was succumbing to that pressure for a while, frustrated at myself for doing things like dating when there was more important things in the world to worry about. But I've realized, I can be conscious of those things and care about those things, and don't necessarily need to rite about those things. Other people can probably do it better than I can, so I should just let them.
And I think all of that plays into what is my ultimate goal for this year, which is kind of abstract but I'll say it anyway. I want to be comfortable being the writer that I am and within that find ways to improve and get better.

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