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Are you going to take your phone with you to the Christmas dinner table?

No because it is a disrespectful act in a very important family dinner.

do you consider it 'toxic' if you haven't communicated with your guy for two days already?

callmevie’s Profile Photothesleepygirl
Toxic people are those people who annoy you every day. Not communicating is even better than arguing a lot.

Normal ba na pag nagaaway kayo ng girlfriend/boyfriend mo, minumura ka?

Immaironne’s Profile PhotoPeter
Obviously yes. Naghahanap yan ng challenge para hindi boring love life.

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Vampire. Werewolf only exists on full moon but vampires exist most of the night.

Thesis, Final Exam, Reviewer, Immersion, Requirements !!! Anong uunahin ko kung lahat kayo importanteeee😭 hays ayokooo na mabuhay 😓😔

JenOliveros542’s Profile PhotoMaui
Kung anong deadline na malapit na

Nosebleed hahaha. Wala akong masabi charot ✌ btaw atleat your family is complete 😊 mao raman pd na ang important ug syempre ampo lang kay Lord.

terybutyl’s Profile Photorainraingoaway
Exactly. Most of us celebrate a very selfish Christmas. While in Bethlehem, people are on alert for possible terrorist attack and armed police are everywhere.

Kumusta ikong pasko? 😊

terybutyl’s Profile Photorainraingoaway
Simple Christmas. Not much funfare. Not much food. Just the genuine gathering of well wishes both here and afar. In other words, not the selfish and materialistic celebration that everyone were doing.


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