Ask @jstrack66:

What should adults stop teaching younger people?

Well idk honestly what they should necessarily stop teaching young people but in my opinion anyone below the age of 15 shouldn't really have a phone unless its a flip phone or like a slide one or something like that because the more we give the younger kids the newer tech the more they are gonna keep being snobby and stuck up also i dont really think that we should teach sexual education till highschool because people wonder why kids are getting younger and younger loosing their virginity either that or we should teach it sooner teach them about the bad side of sex sooner or something

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What would your dream date be like?

Well id take a girl to a nice Italian restraunt and then we'd go stargazing and talk about everything that makes eachother unique like life experiences and all that then if we've gotten far enough in the relationship then we'd go to one of our houses and put on her favorite movie and cuddle till we pass out... That's my dream date

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