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bad day?

bad month :)

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What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?


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why are you crying on tumblr?

why not?

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soooo uncomfortable!... lace but granny style shape are the way forward! yeah man :D

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Are you afraid of people?

no, people are scared of me obvs.

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i don't have it sorry :/ snapchat though :D

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ur lover

my boyfriend?;)

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with u.............

and you are?

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If you were a scientist, what would you invent?

something that will turn me invisible

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Do you have official app for Android?

Do you already have app for iPhone?

Ive just recently made a self harm and suicide awareness/prevention page. Please have a look and like it in support, thanks.

okeee dokeee

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ill tell you who i am if u try this hah Try it with me im shy lol ill tell you who i am if u try it! article-shape(dot)com

-_- no

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i am in love ..................

that's great :) with who? xxx

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What would be the perfect gift for you?

a ticket to go on virgins rocket to space! :D

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what 3 things would you take with you on a desert island?


book, knife, magnifying glass

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Where is the most fun place you have ever been?

hungarrrry :D

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suggest me a song please?

james Morrison, Right by your side :)

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it's broken :/

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What is your one major weakness?

spending money on other people

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Do you prefer giving or receiving?


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How much would it cost to buy your love?

you can't buy love. You just have to earn it :) prove that your worthy of love :) xxxxxx

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so is that a yes?