Ask @junyingg:

Hi i love your hair! :) im considering going to artica studio to do ombre balayage.. how do you take care of your hair after bleaching? Your hair is still so smooth!! :) and TIA!

Hello! I only bleach my hair ends, no doubt bleaching will more or less make your hair ends dry up, I constantly apply hair conditioning products and use UniqOne on my wet hair before I blow dry, you can achieve smooth finishing hair! And also buy the correct shampoo to maintain hair colour! :) do try Artica for best hair dyes, spend your money at the right salon. :)

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Hello! saw your post abt UniqOne on insta :) is it to treat bleached/dyed hair? or suitable for normal undyed hair just to prevent frizz

Hello! It's a treatment spray that can be used on any type of hair! It mainly prevent frizzy hair and also adds shine to your tresses! :) not forgetting it has a lovely scent too hehe. U can try one out first but I bet u will love it!

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Hello! You took up manicure at The Pink Room? How was it? I have seen your nail art is so nice! OMG i actually was browsing review about the pink room and happen to see your blog! How much did you spend at the academy? (: Thanks!

hello! thanks for your compliment! yup i took their diploma course at Pink Room, i spent $4000 for their course but they had a price increment im not sure how much~ they are good at fundamental skills which i feel its important! u can head down and learn more about their course syllabus if u're interested! (:

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