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I wish my ex would leave me alone already. I had to change my number twice because of him. I don't wanna go back to him, he is a cheater, a liar, a pos

Sounds like my ex but I'm chasing her 🤦🏻‍♀️

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What kind of drunk are you? 1. Silly drunk 2. Talking drunk 3. Dancing drunk 4. Get N@ked drunk 5. Pass out drunk

All the above. Probly in that order a little bit too

“you’ll never find someone like me again” if i find someone like you, i’m running

Be careful. They'll chase you down. Break you down. Then act like you're the villain.
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If you think about it, all your decisions before in life led you to this point here on ask

Yep. Right to this very moment. Thanks Captain Obvious

Say it directly to them. Message them like a grown up and stop playing around. You're not in highschool

You're exactly right. I'm not a child I'm highschool. I am grown. So y'all need to get your shit together a d quit ghosting and gaslighting or whatever else bullshit you do today. It's lame AF


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