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to be with someone you love even he doesnt love you back, or to be with someone who loves you that much but you have no feeling towards him?

darwin theory proved that evolution exist in coherent with adaptation. i believe the same theory might work in love and feeling.
the question is, which one you want to pursue and allow to evolve and which one you decide to perish.
this time, you are the creator of your own love.

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May I ask some advice from you kak H? I'm starting to like someone, he's my senior. He's just one year above me.

once i know that Thor from Asgard can work it out with girl on earth. i certainly believe that despite breaking all law of newton, multi-dimensionally complex love is feasible.
so i guess yours is piece of cake ;)

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Kak H! How are you? It's okay if I ask you a question, right? Well, I have a senior and I found my self starting to like him. But I'm just too damn shy to talk or smile for him, what should I do?

fail by not trying is linger longer and haunting more than rejection. i learned it in a hard way and trust me, you won't like it neither.

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I found my self starting to like (or love?) someone, but I can't help myself. I keep thinking negatively that he'll meet a better girl and I'll be brokenhearted (again anad again). What should I do?

when you falling in love: embrace it
when you falling out of love: embrace it.
so as rumi once said: "wound is the place where light enters" :)

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I have a friend. She's always joking around about almost everything, even about 'love' and 'feelings'. Besides, I am really really a serious person when it comes to 'love' and 'feelings'. Now I find my self can't tell which one is joke, which one is serious, everytime I hear people talking. What do

why should you define between "serious" and "joke" anyway? if it comes to feeling and love, what matter is how you perceive it. it's your reaction towards it, not merely the action.
and btw, foolish-kind-of-love is the most serious feeling you can experience :)

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