Ask @justinbieberreal69:

hello Justin, I will follow from 3 years and I have never regretted. Oh, you know I have a shelf that I called Bieber because is full of Bieberthing? Haha. Please answer me oh, I forgot to tell you that i love you so much and that one day we'll get married and we'll get many children Haha. Love you❤

Annalisa Russo
Thank you for your kind words. Live today, but always think about what will happen tomorrow, x.

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My girlfriend suffers from depression. She tells me that she takes medication for it. But sometimes, she still gets in depressed moods for no reason and cuts. I feel horrible because sometimes I don't know how to help. I need advice. I love her so much, and I want to show her that.

You are the cutest person in the whole world, oh my god. Ask her what she needs. Be there for her no matter what. Be patient, kind and understanding. Be prepared to reassure her constantly that you love her and aren't going to leave her. Be a good listener. Hold her when she cries. Let her know that you realize the depression is only a part of her, that you love all of her, and will work with her in any way possible to crowd that depression into a small corner of her life.

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