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how does one cope with the oje you cant bear to lose... ... ignoring u even after a sincere apology and asking what i could do to change because well. one cant change what he doesn't know is wrong

True THAT mah man don't worry about it DEEZ HOES AIN'T LOYAL but my mate Jack Daniels is!

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Do you share the belief that trans people need their own wash rooms? Agreed

Idk about them but i certainly do man, you shld see the queue for the toilet after morning PT jesus christ i can have a baby and still be waiting in line to bathe

what childhood story inspired you and what values did you learn?

My dad always used to tell me "The Emperor's New Clothes" when i was younger cos it was my favourite to the extent that he told me that story repeatedly for a week hahah good times :")
And i learnt not to be so fucking gullible lmao i cmon how dumb can the emperor be
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Do you agree with the view that you must be either a banker lawyer or doctor to be considered rich and successful? Is that why so many people pursue studies in these fields?

No. Make a difference, join the army.
Do you agree with the view that you must be either a banker lawyer or doctor to

Continue with a rhyme: "I was sitting on a chair…"

On my lap was a bear
Who was playing with my hair
While eating a pear
Whos skin was so fair
As we played truth or dare
But the game was meh
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Who do you think is the most influential influencer out of Vj's most popular people? 1. Liciagan 2. Fatflies 3. Gugan sandran 4. Ryuju 5. Eugene lim 6. Baby kylie 7. Nickstars 8. Debbear 9. Saturdayhowax 10. Emmalizt 11. Candaye 12. Lynn chua 13. Benjaminong13 14. Sherman 15. Sufung

I not influential meh :(


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