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Kayla Houston
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Are you straight? Bisexual? Lesbian?

You're so gorgeous!!!!!!

Haha thanks :*

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We used to be friends, text eachother, kik. What happend? So you hate me now bc you unfollowed me..

If you wanna talk you have my number and my kik (:

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Love you girl. I just wanted to make sure you hadn't called anyone else goat. :)

Nawwh its specially reserved for you (:

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Do u have any other acc's other than @shewillb3fine


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Have you ever called anyone "goat"?

Allie! (:

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You are so perfect.

Awe thanks (: I really wanna know who saying this lol

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What's your biggest secret that you would be willing to tell?

Hmmm depends on who's asking

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What's your favorite color?


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Will you sub me in pheed or no because I think ur awesome !!

Sure just give me your username or kik it too me

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