Ask @kaarenn2002:

You got a big ass nose & yo ass so fuckin deformed whys that ?

aww silly you! ❀️
here's a little hint.. I DON'T CARE.
honestly I would say something really mean back but I don't want to waste my time dealing with your stupid ass and correcting all your grammars and spelling errors.😊 so you might as well go help your mom with the dishes or go bake cookies with your grandma and see how they handle you. I think you should go all the way back to 1st grade and let them teach you how to spell because honestly you are going nowhere with that attitude and personality. so get out of my ask & make someone else deal with your bullshit okay?πŸ‘‹πŸΌ thanks for your beautiful comments.☺️ oh and don't worry if your comments hurt me, because they don't. hold on I have to do something better than reply to your amazing comments and questions about me. haters are my true fans.πŸ’— byee.😚

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