Ask @kaishiteru:

Who is your best friend for the moment and why?

my boyfriend, i haven't been keeping in contact with my friends as i usually would because of corona and quarantine and i suck at texting back more than usual lately.. and my boyfriend has been the only one that i have consistently been talking to every single day lol and tbh i consider him my best friend regardless of anything.

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Have you ever accidentally been caught naked by someone?

wow ive changed so much since i last answered anything on here. im reading old answers and how i thought of stuff and viewed certain things and wow.. lol. in some ways its bad, i feel emptier now and less of a person, less of a "stronger" personality so i miss myself reading these but some r just specific opinions i had that changed. mm. maybe logging back in wasnt such a good idea

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What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

if I feel like i am losing myself when they r in my life, they bring me down etc. I like when ppl in my life make me feel like I can truly be myself and feel like I am coming home. to myself and everything. if ur existence in my life makes me feel like im losing myself or betraying my soul or if u just simply bring me down or is nothing but toxic then bye bye lol. And my friendships tend to be very intense like us against the world type of thing so I need to get that vibe from u also :) haha

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