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tbh one out of the many times I've been to school stoned and gotten lost in the gathering area I found that one girl that looked like you from the back and I tripped balls and put it on my story lmao I'm sorry😂 you're actually a really cool guy and pretty funny too. have nicer hair than I do tbh

shaydelennie’s Profile PhotoShayde Lennie
it's okay haha i thought it was me at first too lol

compliment; your flow is 2847/10 tbh, you're super nice from what I remember from talking to youu && your sister & cousin are pretty cool 😋

thank u & they're not that cool, especially compared to me

Tbh your hair looked so luscious today but i forgot to tell you! You seem like a fun guy! Also u and Braxton had the best Halloween costume!

haha thanks clare!!

Tbh: you're a pretty cool guy! I see you every once in a while in the hallways, and you dress pretty hip so thats always a plus✌🏻️ dont be a stranger 💁🏻

noellebellanger’s Profile PhotoNoelle
why thank u very much
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I like your black converse and your cream coloured vans even though Asha had to buy them for you

brax bought the second pair for me!!

tbh honestly you are a beauty even tho we don't talk much. You were great at vball sadly don't get to see you anymore :/ we should talk more so text me sometime

Sheridancook12’s Profile PhotoSheridan Cook
thanks man

tbh kaaalv the hair is getting ridiculously BEAUTIFUL. the style? it's on point. let's go for another bike ride before fall is over and i go into hibernation :)))))))

thx so much!! sounds great:-)


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