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My wife’s mother try’s to control our every move and almost got me arrested for lying to the cops about what she witnessed. My wife’s knows and tells me to get over it but 1 year later her mother brings it up to me not me bringing it up to her and denies and makes excuses about it. What to do?

You don't have to "Get over it" obviously but just ignore it - whenever she brings it up just be like "yup mhm whatever" and just show that you have 0 interest in indulging the conversation. If she keeps going just ignore her, literally do not say anything until she talks about something else. It's shitty she did it, but you can't change it and if you love your wife you're gonna have to deal with her for awhile so try not to be too confrontational, I suppose.

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Do you want a list of things that are dumb? I can do that.
Mothers aren't given enough time off work to bond with their babies (in America).
Workplaces will literally schedule you 7.5 hours to avoid giving you an hours worth of breaks.
People can cheat on you and then insist YOU ruined THEIR lives.
Workplaces will also only schedule you 35 or so hours to avoid having to give you benefits.
Having to spend years getting "general education" in at college when it's the same shit you learn in high school.
People telling you to go to university right off the bat when you can go to community college for general education and save thousands of dollars.
I have to work soon even though I was hired for morning and early afternoon shifts.
Those are all dumb things. Thanks for asking.

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Hola amiga, has pateado a algun Chico en las bolas por Defensa o Jugando sin querer? 1) fue con el empeine o la punta? 2) cuanto calzas? auch!!....Pregunto esto porque solo lo he visto en las peliculas!! jajajaa

Usually I don't care so much but this isn't a shout out.
You came to my page and sent me something in a language I clearly do not speak.

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A girl told me she don’t got a boyfriend 2 weeks ago when I questioned her.Today I told her I feel like she does.She tells me “think what you want” what does that mean when a girl says that.

This isn't descriptive at all. I have no idea what is going on in this "story". I don't know "how she feels" or what you told her. Regardless maybe you should ask her? I can't know what her intent was.

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