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I'm sorry it's just I want laws like that and other laws changed to and it's just frustrating to hear other people complain about it and then rationalize not voting. It's just something I get passionate about. You don't need to explain I'm just apologizing, i took it too far

Hey I forgive you don't worry, I get it but I must admit I'm not very educated in terms of politics. I understand it's something I should look into more. Lately I've just been dealing with a lot of personal things and brain fog that make it a bit hard for me. I don't vote because of that. I wouldn't even know what I was voting for.

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"Me not voting...doesn't disqualify me from stating that a law is awful." No because you have free speech. But so do I and I have every right in the world to say you're a hypocrite for complaining because you had a chance to make a difference and chose not to take it

That's cool, are you the anon that asked why in not driving after having spent that much money on my permit?

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"I'm still....not going to vote lol." yeah I get that. but then don't complain the laws are bad. There not being a candidate specifically with that position is irrelvenat. You can still vote for the ones who's positions are closest to that

I'm going to complain that the law is bad because it is. Me not voting on something that wouldn't be changed for the next 10 years doesn't disqualify me from stating that a law is awful. Sorry mate

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"no one that was on the ballot would have demonetized it because it brings in so much money." and there won't be as long as everyone who cares about such a thing doesn't vote because there's no one who will change that. It's not in a politician's interest to cater to youngs when they don't vote

Idk man personally I'm still not going to vote idk what else you want me to say here

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"Please refer to my last question" you're free ridering off the concept that one vote doesn't matter. of course it doesn't. but if young people voted there *would* be candidates who would make a platform to change laws like that, and then you could vote for them

Sorry, I misread your question when I answered this before.
I'm not the entire collection of young people. You saying this to me makes no difference. I'm still....not going to vote lol.

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I agree with you I don't think kissing is as intimate as sex. I think oral is the most intimate but apparently we're weird

Oh boy I forgot to answer the other question I got about this before. I just think having sex in general is one of the most intimate things a person can do with another person but during sex I'm not sure what would really count as the most intimate but I'm not really a huge fan of kissing during sex

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