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Who is ur favorite Asntm season 4?

Sang In... becoz she's truly the face of Asia, has a high edgy fashion, beautiful, cute, and kind.

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di DH gw cocoknya berteman: - Natasha - Nadya - CG - Amanda that's all. yg lainnya temen biasa....

y iylah mrk cocok jd temen gw

What do you think about recycling?

It's good for recycling because it's one of the way to go green and save the earth....

What do you order at Starbucks?

bread, milk, and muffin...only that...I don't order coffee and anything else...

你喜欢中国歌手 ma?

我只喜欢中国明星谁是Kpop, 他们是:
1. Victoria ( 宋茜 unnie, 我的天哪,你是我可爱的中国宝贝!! )
2. Amber ( 我假小子贝贝, 但她擅长说唱....不错...我爱你!!!)
3. Hangeng ( 你为什么从SUPER JUNIOR 退出?? 但我依然爱你

cm Kelly yg.....

kpoppers, cinta dan sk sm kpop, ngefansnya sm band korea semua, addicted sm Kpop, ga sk artis brt, fandomnya byk ( kpop semua), ga ush terlalu byk bljr mandarin di rmh.....

Who is your style role model?

Jessica Junggggggggggggggggg unnnnnnnie she's my best role modelllllllll everrrrrrrrrr....designer and model Jung..........


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