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Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?

I plan on going to that party that ALL the cool eagles are going to
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What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?

"Uncool" and "cool" are both subjective terms that people use to describe what they like, and I never do things that I don't like doing

Where do you meet new people?

Well I don't intentionally meet new people, but probability is I would meet them online. Probably

What do you look forward to most this year?

I try not to look forward to things because nothing is ever certain

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?

Probably stay home and play video games, like I do most days

Is global warming real? What do you think will happen?

Global Warming is SO real. Its going to melt all the ice in the arctic and antarctic and drown us all

Who do you follow on Vine?

Tarzan, he seems to like swinging on vines a lot. And I'm trying to do a documentary on him so I gotta follow him around. It's really tiring.

Will humans ever live on another planet?

As long as they don't destroy this one before they can invent faster space travel and a way for us to live on other planets


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