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you post shit on facebook about people being jealous of your relationship. news flash your boyfriends fucking cheating on you, you must be blind as a fucking bat cause you keep denying it. and hes OBVIOUSLY gonna deny it to. you have multiple people telling you the same shit yet u still deny it too

Thats why two of the three of them didnt even know im dating the guy im dating. so no. Youre wrong. they even said oh shiy. Must have the wrong guy. So fuck off.

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baby to grow up being best friends as well. Childhood friendship. Perfect parents. Who cares if youre young. I was 13, miscarried at 5 weeks. I got pregnant again at 15, and now I'm 16. My life is absolutely amazing. Better than before. I no longer cut, I'm happy, like genuinely happy. +

I promised myself I'd stop cutting for him. I haven't cut since February. I was always happy. But Tommy wouldn't be if I got pregnant again. he'd be upset but he'd still be super happy about the baby. he's just not ready. we've had this conversations a ton of times and it always turns out the same. he doesn't wanna raise our baby around his mom step dad and brothers.

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I'm no longer sad, I'm graduating early this year. I've got a job, not a big one, but a job. My parents obviously, were mad the second time around, but it's not like she was going away, so they got used to it and now they love her to death.

that's how my mom would be. but I couldn't do it to Tommy and my step dad. my step dad would freak and Tommy would be stressed out all the time. like he already was.

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But "some other baby" is going to be his little brother/sister. Not just some other kid. He would WANT you to do it. Thats how I looked at it and now I've got my beautiful daughter who means the world to me, and i know everyday that my son is looking down on us.

I just don't want it to be so close to him. honestly the thought of losing another baby terrifies me. Tommy wanted Aiden only because he was thrown in front of us. not because we planned for him. I don't think he's ready for another baby

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