Ask @karazwaanstra:

What do you do to take care of your body? I've always had an extremely hard time losing weight that it seems almost impossible, do you have any tips?? Thank you!

I try to workout at least three times a week! If you aren't already at a gym, I would highly suggest it. I do eat relatively healthy (but not too healthy) ...though don't get me wrong, I snack all the time. I love crisps, they are my weakness :/ I only really eat out about once or twice a week, the rest of the nights I'll cook at home. I think this helps a lot with my figure because restaurant food is quite fattening, even though it may not seem so, with all of their extra ingredients to make the food tastier (fats, oils, sugar, etc). Cooking at home gives you the option of knowing exactly what you are eating!

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What's your favourite nude lipstick? And do you use red lipstick only for 'a special occasion'? I really like the red lipstick look but I'm never sure wheter it's appropriate during the day, when I go to university and so on...

I don't really wear nude lipsticks...partly because my lips are quite pink naturally...I just don't think I can pull off nude lips! I think it's appropriate to wear a red lip depending on the outfit, whether it's a really nice dress or a plain white tee...a red lip adds a little something extra!

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Jumping off that last question about Asian Guys—what do you think about them? Why do you think so many Asian girls are going out with White guys but not vice versa? Your perspective is unique as someone who is half Asian half white.

To be honest I'm not really sure...I personally prefer non-Asian guys just because I grew up in Tokyo for 18 years so I like guys that are different-looking to what I've grown up with. But really, it doesn't matter what race you are.

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