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urgent message about chutiyas in 9th. alam,raghav chitkara,arnav bhatara,bathla and harkaran maggi

😒 You call this a message ? 👆 btw bro you forgot to mention your name 😏 as the biggest one 💯 . I don't know about all the people 👀 you mentioned above 😅 but all i can say is that raghav chitkara 🙌 arnav bathla are way to good persons🚶nature wise 👌✔️ . So better , mind your own business . 🙏✨

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like=views kripa hai aapki bas ham par toh🙆🙏 aap toh bas end hai aapke bhi kya kehne tadhi krvate ho har jagah😹🙏 han par apne bhai se jada krvate ho(shampy😹 sorry kunal for this🙈) famous bhot jldi ho gye aap bro ho aap💙 har bnda aapko janta hai stay the same kartik don✌😹😹

Did i ever say that i'm famous ? 😅 , I guess no 😌 . so you better not use that shitty word again 🌚 & to be honest , bhai iss baar zada ho gya 🙈😂 . Anyways Shukriya Bawa don 🐣👯 .

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Tbh- Hey hey hey ! ✌ Well, we haven't interacted still I've heard alot good things about you! 😚 You're handsome and tall af 😍 What's the temperature up there han? 😂 #iykwim. Umm,you seem goot at heart! Hope to know you ! Stay blessed😘

Hi ✌
Even i had heard many good things 👀about you from some mutuals 🙌 & i also hope for the same . 😅🙈
Thank You Harshita . ☺️
Gbu ! 🙏

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