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Weekend plans?

It's my boyfriend's birthday, so we went out, and I work tonight. Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done hopefully, then my boyfriend and I are going out with my sister and her boyfriend, since it was their birthdays last week. Sunday my boyfriend and I are going to a 4th of July party, and on Monday we are going to another 4th of July party.

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People been saying that Devon's looking for a side chick. What's up with that?

Nobody has said that. 😂

If you make over $20 am hour then why do your parents pay your bills?

They don't. My boyfriend and I pay our bills. 😂😂

Devon's current job is fast food cook. Heard that it was Burger King I think

He doesn't work in fast food.

What happened when you stole your friend's man but didn't do it on purpose? You a bad a$$ queen fo sho !!!

Him and I became friends, cause my friend would bring him along every time her and I hung out, and he caught feelings. I've already said this.

How do you not know if you're in love? Somethings had to have happened to make you feel this way

Something did happen, but it's none of your business.

Is it true devon works as a cook for a nursing home?

No. He hasn't worked there for over 2 years 😂

This gas is killing me. So tired of everything being so expensive

Everyone is. I'm tired of expensive ass grocery bills, and paying $70 just to put gas in my car. 😂
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