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i wake up at 7 every day just to talk to him because that's when he wakes up. god, am i in love. i don't recognize myself, doing this effort for a man

hellll nahhh 💀

Why are most men nowadays never honest about their intentions when it comes to women and what they really want from them?

bc their only intention is to waste your time and to cheat and lie to you the whole time and probably use you for money 😁😁 it’s so romantic 🥰
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As an introvert, it's good to hang around with extroverts. You can just be there and not talk anything cause they do all the talking.

I literally hate when people do that
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When my parents were my age they bought a house, and I can't even buy a rug, they have to buy it for me. How would I even survive in this world without them tbh


Who’s your favorite character from “ Game of Thornes” and why ?

too lazy to commit to a show like that 🥱 so I’ve never seen it .. oh well

Is there a term for health-related anxiety? For instance, when you cough or sneeze, and your thoughts race, making you fear you might have a terminal illness. I recall someone using a specific term that sounded premium, but I can't quite remember it.

hypochondriac maybe


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