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First impression : the sweetest and supper chill. She's soooo pretty 😊


thank you!! you're super pretty as well girl :)

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hottest thatcher boy

I don't know slide in my dms instead of asking??😂

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Who has a bigger butt, Jeremiah Best or Ashtyn Nelson?

I don't know either of them

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Hottest guy you saw last night?

you should just send me your name and I'll tell you if you really wanna know 😂😂😂

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Who are you going to prom with?

nobody :')

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What are you doing for spring break?

having the time of my life that's about it

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Do you miss your last relationship?

Relationships are pointless stfu with your bullshit

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Hey do u hate me

Bailey Sanford

Nah I love you bailey lol

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@eringilfoy asks, "What are some of your guilty pleasures?"

you stop that kinky shit rn

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Tbh? We needa chill like tonight cause my life is boring af. Have you gotten a new phone yet or wtf? Well love you hmu

Carlos Gonzalez

I was gonna get a new phone friday then I got grounded :( when I'm not grounded let's chill, love you tooooooo Carlitos

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Goodnight 😁😁


Goodnight lol

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Whoever likes this would date you?

Crushing/talking to anyone?

Nope 😩

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Is it true that gabe and Clarissa are fucking again lol

I don't know who gives a shit though

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Are you talking to anyone?

No & thanks for reminding me 😀😂

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You slayyyyy

You thooo 🔥🔥 who is this? :)

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Cutest thatcher sophomore

I don't know any

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How would you describe your personality?

Sagittarius asf 😂😂😭😂

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Pap of your best friend?

Honestly + Ana Shailee Alaina & Clarrissa 😘

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What do you look for in dating someone? And if you are dating someone, what makes them so great? :)

If I can just feel loved and we can have fun and do cool ass shit together and you can take a joke, have a good sense of humor, boyfriend material

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plans this weekend?

Going out of town for my birthday

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What's your favorite song/ artist?

J cole

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Follow for SHS drama

Wtf is your deal lol

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Best way to avoid being a "fuck boy"?

Two simple words, be loyal.

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