Ask @kasinglol:

So TSM TSM for you now. :D Happy to see you on such a big team, sadly not eu, but wish you all the best for the future. Your shotcalling could be the most essential part of the new roster.

Thank you! shotcalling is one thing but everyone listening/understanding what you mean is another. You can be the best shotcaller in the world but it'll take time for your team to understand what each call means :P

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Hi Kasing, I'm a huge TSM fan and big fan of yours, so I have my fingers crossed hoping that your place in the roster becomes permanent. I am sure a player of your quality had many solid offers from EU teams, so why take the risk of coming to NA simply for a trial?

it's mainly so i can see whether i'll enjoy being in NA or not, I dont really care about money that much, like alot of money is good ykno, but I wanna focus on improving cause I still think i can be a better player. when people think of kasing, it's like, top 3/4 support in eu? i wanna look for the top 1/2 margin. Personally I feel both mithy/yellowstar are better than me, they both reached semis of worlds and i didn't even make it out of groups xD

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