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How did you like Tamako Market (the series, not the movie)?

Andrew Smith
I would have preferred being asked this question on since that's where I go to the most. I only come here to read @ultimatemegax answers lol.
The series is ... not very good. It feels misguided and goes all over the place. I like the atmosphere and what Tamako Market is trying to do. Pretty romantic look at nostalgia and the "old school" functioning in today's time. The characters are hit-or-miss, but I think they are cute. I've heard people couldn't stand the fat white bird, but I didn't mind him. Really, Tamako Market is one of those shows I didn't mind watching because it's just alright.
Until the final arc anyway.
It felt like they just remembered where the fat white bird came from and decided to introduce anime viewers a new random setting. And it's done in such a way that the show didn't really make much sense thematically. It left me with a sour taste and just didn't feel complete.
Well, the show now exists as a platform to launch Tamako Love Story. I forgive this show, I guess.

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what is the difference between western and japanese literature?

different language, different culture, different subcultures, different writing styles, different subject material, different places, different characters, different philosophies, different influences, different plots, different ideas, different beginnings, different endings, different differences, different similarities, different lifestyles, different lives, different architecture, different fauna, different flora, different geography, different scale, different dicks, different music, different art, different plays, different paintings, different food, different jokes, different slang, different loves, different dancing, different dictionaries, different water quality, different interpretations of america, different interpretations of canada, different interpretations of finland, different diplomatic relationships, different et ceteras, different et al, different ad nauseum, etc and etc

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Could you tell me how buddhism fits into Dies Irae? This is something I'm greatly interested in hearing. I feel like I'm not seeing it even though I was raised Buddhist.

Eternal recurrence in Nietzsche/Goethe's Faust is basically saṃsāra. Similarly, amor fati aka LOVE OUR FATE is derived from Buddhism as well. I haven't read KKK, but I believe there are more Buddhist stuff there. The idea is that Nietzsche and Goethe are basing their ideas from Buddhism and you can see this throughout Dies Irae. If you're interested in looking more about the Buddhist aspects, just look up how the two German writers are influenced by Buddhism -- particularly Nietzsche since he has some weird ideas about Buddhism.

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What are some books that gave you tons of feels in english?

Alexander Tran
I've been considering this question seriously and I actually don't think I have many. Jude the Obscure is the #1 choice, but that's just depressing and makes you not want to live. Then, there's Don Rosa's The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck which is brilliant. Crime and Punishment is Russian, but the ending is something special. I can't think of any more.
I'm guessing popular media is all about the feels.

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Favourite detective books?

Since I've answered the English ones here (, I'll talk about my favorite Japanese ones. Spoilers: it's extremely Maijou (the guy who did Hammerhead in the Animation Expo shorts).
Smoke, Soil, and Sacrifice -- A guy is exhausted working in Los Angeles's hospitals and decides to come back to Japan. He finds himself in a string of murders as well as falling himself participating in the weird family drama that involves abuse, martial arts, and spinning house tops. The last mystery involves trajectories of feces.
Disco Wednesdayyy --
永遠の森 博物館惑星 -- A collection of mysteries surrounding the "mystery" of art. The mysteries are there as an excuse to think about the practical applications of art and humanity -- and why we need it. The story arc becomes about NTR.

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How does taoism and existentialism compare to each other philosophically?

Taoism and existentialism can't be any further apart. Existentialism is all about "existence precedes essence" while Taoism is like "it's all about the essence, man." Existentialists can also either be humanists (we can make our own meaning) or find the journey futile (absurdists think there's no reason to care or even hope because life is complex). There's a reason why people consider the philosophy a poison to people's thinking because, complex and nuanced it may be, it makes the world black-and-white. Taoism, on the other hand, is all about going with the flow. Harmony, not activity, is important. You place your will in the world and achieve calmness that way. I am pretty biased since I am a Taoist myself, but I see it as a postmodernist philosophy before postmodernism existed. My Chinese history teacher calls the Taoist the first hippies for a reason. Also, you get to read amusing articles like this

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