Ask @kataskme:

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

A lot! ;-)

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Do you have posters on your wall?

Right now, no, but sometimes yeah!

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What do you want right now?

More questions! ;)

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What do you think are the world’s three greatest cities?

Paris ❤ London and Thessaloniki!

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What is in your fridge?

Who knows... ;P

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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

Yes, of course I have! ^-^

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Where do you feel most safe?

In my home! ❤

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What time do you usually go to sleep?

Hhhmm... I don't know (again)... Sometime after 12 some others about 9.. Just when I feel tired... ;)

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Could you live without a computer?

I don't know! :-P Ok, what do you mean? If I was borned without a computer, it's be ok, but if you mean to leave te computer now, also I could live but I don't like the idea! ;-)

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How many books have you read in your life?

A lots of them!

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What music do you prefer: Pop, Rap, RnB or Rock?

I like all kinds of music! ^-^

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What was the last thing you ate?

Hhhmmm... A cookie! I think so... (^.-)

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Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?

Yes, a lot of times! Because Ilove animals and really don't like to eat dead animals... But it's ok for now!

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Can you speak greek?

Are you greek?

Yeah! ^-^

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Have you been to any cool concerts lately?

The last was about one month ago and it was locomonto's concert. Locomontois my favourite band, so it was really cool! A amazing night! ❤

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Do you have official app for Android?

no ;)

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Πόσους ανθρώπους θεωρείς "κολλητούς" σου;

3 ❤

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Τι θα ήθελες να μάθεις για το μέλλον;

Will I became famous one day?

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