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Kaitlyn Marie
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I'm really nobody 🙄


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5 facts about your best friend

1)She's the best
2) She's gorgeous
3)she's loud asf❤️😂💁🏼
4)She's my best franddddd
5) She's better than most

& her names hannah 🙃

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Seriously, you're cool and funny, and super cute

Who is this ?&thankss

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Wow ur sporty girl


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I think you're the best


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Yay! You're hilarious

not really😂

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I hope you're not mad, I think you're so cute and hilarious

im not mad😂

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I don't... but you said your shoe size


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No, that's why I was nervous to tell you

how do you know my feet are small if you've never saw me?

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It's really not important... just know I really enjoyed our talks. And I think you're adorable

thank you 😂😊 & do i know you in person?

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No... I'm not who you think

then who is it

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What sports do u do

volleyball,basketball,softball,cheer and i do track

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I was your p.i.c.... I was too embarrassed to tell you that you didn't really know me


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It doesn't matter

why doesn't it?

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No, just from here

hmm...whats your name

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Do you know me?

idk i?

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I really did... We used to talk a lot

yeah i know

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I've missed you

sure you did

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Where have you been?

idk 😂

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OMG... Your feet are tiny

You haven't been on in forever 😊


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shoe size?

5 1/2 or 6

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Whats your favorite sports

Jose tello

Basketball volleyball and softball

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