Ask @kate4882:

How often do you have to charge your phone?

btw I work f home (since be4 the lockdown) so I'm not 1 of those ppl that suddenly has a ton of free time. lol. also I'm no good at managing my time & procrastinate a lot so that's why I sometimes don't come here much.... 😅 and like I said, I don't get a lot of questions.

Would you date a guy who has 7 cats? Asking for, uh...a friend.

The Anti-Watchdog
Lolllll. That's too much. but I guess it's ok. Some ppl just have too many pets but are completely normal and not particularly weird. They just love animals. 👍 Well this is just dating so I don't think it matters that much unless he's always talking about them. But marry someone with 7 cats and I would have to live with 7 cats? I dunno about that.

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Do you believe in miracles? Have some ever happened in your life?

I guess... A big light almost fell on me when I was a baby but my mom moved my crib just a few minutes before that for some reason. So I didn't die as a baby!!!! But I almost did. So I guess that was a miracle. Tho I rarely have experienced anymore. Oh, maybe when my cat almost died but they were able to save him with surgery. That's the only 2 times I guess...

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