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What is your favourite occasion out of Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and your birthday?

I like my birthday more than any holiday. But this year, feeling kinda blah about it. Getting older... Wishing I was a better person with a better life... Oh well, at least I literally look forever 21. 😝 (Taking a long break from this app again...)
What is your favourite occasion out of Christmas Valentines Day Easter and your

You do realize its maybe 2% to do with your height. It's your confidence, brains, character, integrity and personality that makes people glance more than once your way

Of course. And I would rather ppl like me for my personality rather than my looks or height. I never said I want to be a few inches taller so I could be more popular. 🙄

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kate4882’s Profile PhotoKate N
ugh. I hate new year's EVE. Ppl being super HAPPY and parties parties parties. showing off how great their year was (on social media). And believing better things are coming. JUST cuz 12 months has passed. This holiday means nothing to me. (but I guess some people feel the same way about birthdays, tho i like celebrating my bday. Lol...)
anyway i still have seasonal depression and maybe i should take a break from social media until ppl have calmed down and stop talking about how happy they are or how happy they're gonna be or change for the better in this magical new year that will be so much better than 2021.✨✨✨
though every damn year you all praise the new year and condemn the old year. you loved 2021 when it started and now you hate it. So next year you will hate 2022 and love 2023? Correct? It's so stupid and delusional and just wishful thinking... people do this every freaking year. I'm just sick of it... 🙃 every year is gonna suck. just sometimes it sucks less, sometimes more. Just accept that. HAPPY TRASHY NEW YEAR. 🙄😒

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I'm too mature for this site, but I use it anyways. Does anyone else feel this way?

gggssaq’s Profile Photouɐʇs ɥʇᴉʍ sǝɯʎɥɹ
Same. That's why I keep leaving for months and then coming back for a short time. Then leave again. But if you can make some friends here. or at least find people with great posts and answers, it can be pretty great.

That one moment where you gained and lost respect for someone....!

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
There were some really cool or funny or cute Loki/Tom moments in this show. But 80% of it was making Loki a joke. 🤬 But the good thing is this series was so bad and made me so angry... It made me realize I'm over it. I'm not a Marvel fan anymore. Not gonna waste my time or money on their stupid movies/shows. I might sometimes still watch some of it with my family just cuz they still like it. And I do like watching marvel related YouTube content, like theories or reviews. But that's it... No offense to marvel fans, it's just not good enough for me anymore.
That one moment where you gained and lost respect for someone

What hairstyle do you hate the most?

This hairstyle only works for little kids!!! No woman has ever looked good with this hair/wig!!!
What hairstyle do you hate the most
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It's been. A whole year. Hows life? What have you been up to?

I only vaguely remember we had a few nice talks here... I dunno why you still remember me but thanks for asking. But your question got me really depressed, thinking about how bad this year was... also I just remembered your views on the pandemic... anyway, hope you had a better year than mine. only recent thing I was excited about was the no way home movie and BTR having a new song and being acting and doing shows again...


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