Ask @katelynloveyou:

What's something you do well?

fall for the wrong people lmao, looking back on how stupid i used to be rn

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You're beautiful

awe thank you

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🇭🇪🇾 🇼🇭🇦🇹🇸 🇺🇵 ❤

donald trump


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hillary clinton

How is there a difference between sex and making love?

theres a huge difference

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Facebook or twitter

my twitter is
@ katelynisme_16

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I got a message saying I'm violating some policy but they didn't tell me which policy haha, so I made this account in case they shadow ban me. Sending to some people I follow


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love your highlights you did good

I honestly love you so much 😂😍😭

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are your boobs still 32 D or grown to a DD?

Don't worry bout it

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Pap legs

so my homecoming got moved from this upcoming saturday to the 29th which is also the night of my church lock in but its ok bc me and babe are going to both lol

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trying to remember my fb password

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I want to be like your puppy servant Queen👑❤️🙈

Pap in bikini

How bout my highlight

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ootd pic?

Can someone acknowledge my highlight lol I tried

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you didn't blow away? lol

lol nah I'm still here

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Just wind and some rain over here. Have you been out in it or you been bunkered down?

Yeah same and I was in it a few times today lol it was great

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How's the storm treating you? It has my name so it better be okay lol

Lol it's been ight, it threw some trees into my neighbors yard tho ,, hbu??

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If you need any supplies let me know!

Honestly all it is so far is a bunch of rain and wind lol i will let you know tho, thanks 💘

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do u use oovoo

Sleeping with the dog through this hurricane

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Pap of you

Soooo I might die, just a FYI for anyone who cares

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Want a bath bomb


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