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why ? because we love your effects and it flow so smoothly .. and I'm trash

Aw thank you <3 and you did u say that you are a trash? I'd really love to know who you are cuz I'm sure you are the only one who thinks that way about my videos :D <3
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I know mostly in all countries school, universities are already started, so well how do you feel about it? If you're working tell me about it smth. Does it takes you away from vidding? [Promotion is up]

in my country school starts in 12 days & im already dying T.T
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Hi. How're you? Is everything alright? My QOTD for today is: Does vidding has a special meaning to you or it's just a hobby? Do you want to get a job connected with it? [New promotion is up so check out my profile cuz ask is blocking every link]

Heey. Im fine, wbu? Well, its mostly a hobby although lately I don't have the desire to edit. But sometimes vidding is a way of expressing my emotions. I think it will remain as a hobby cuz I'm not good enough & I don't want it to be my future job.
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If your could recommend 3 TV shows to a stranger.. What would they be?

Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones & Lucifer
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Favorite 2016 debut so far?

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Can you list all the shows you've ever watched? Do you think you spend alot of time watching tv shows?

Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Gossip girl, American Horror Story, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Devious Maids, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars & im sure there are more but i cant think of others xD and these are the american ones, i can also say the korean ones i've watched but duuuh im lazy
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What shows are you watching at the moment? Compared to last year are you watching more or less?

At the moment im watching Game of Thrones, W two worlds & Uncontrollably fond although the last two are k-dramas. Im also watching Teen Wolf & Lucifer *waiting for the next season*. And compared to last year, i think im watching more shows
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How did you became a vidder? It was a vidder who inspired you to do the same or you just download a editor and start doing smth? (SECOND PROMOTION IS READY http://ask.fm/VidderFacts/answers/139209465713)

I watched a video by an editor in vbox7 (a bulgarian site) & i wanted to do something like that so i started searching for a program & thats how i became a vidder


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