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what was the last item you bought online? why did you buy it?

leigh; ☽
So uh my gf hadn't let me buy any 'Honey Birdette' lingerie in 2yrs because I had a hella shopping addiction before we dated & spent all my inheritance on the stuff fml
I've wanted this particular set in this particular colour for yearss & never been able to find it in my size cos its a rare design; was limited edition.
Get this I fkn found one! I saved it with wishful thinking.. The next day someone damn bought ALL the shit I've been tryna sell for eternity so I made a bunch of $$.
Ya gurl fukn finally bought this shimmery lil baby & I've been screaming since omg it hasn't arrived yet i'm so excited I'm gonna do 51 backflips!!! 😻💎

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what was the last item you bought online why did you buy it