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You're watching/playing something actiony, blam pow kaboom, how do you want it? Small and personal? Large and epic? A huge spectacle or suffocatingly grounded? Or something else entirely?

The Headcrab Farmer

If I'm watching something, I want to see a scene that's all camera tricks and no CGI. Otherwise why should I be impressed when I know "how they dun it" was just "money"?

Playing something, I just want to be able to play it without squeaking in fear. So... no jump scares pls T_T

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What is going on with MRAsterpiece Theater? Is the project dead or merely on hold?

I assure you, @MRAsterpiece is not dead. It's just... resting. ;)

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Is Kav a furry?

why are you using the word "furry" as a noun

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Do you take artwork commissions?

I could. ;)

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What would be faster, a horse with wheels or a car with legs?


Now all I can think of are the chicken walkers from STAR WARS. I used to call them that but had no idea that was their actual title until I Google searched them just now.

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Justin Bieber - #1Day - What Do You Mean? Post your pic or video!

Let me answer this question with another question: how much money was given to ask this question?

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You didn't actually tell someone that a man and woman, both being stabbed for cheating, were somehow completely different topics and then make the person (the man who had actually been stabbed) feel bad for bringing it up, did you? That's a photoshop or something?

Protip: if you actually give a shit about seeing the background of that tweet and how the person who tweeted at me was speaking out of topic, you can always search for yourself and not rely on out-of-context screencaps. Just a thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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There are no black opinions, there are no white opinions, there are no asian opinions, there are no hispanic opinions, there are simply opinions and each opinion must stand up on its own merits. A person should be judged by the content of their character. Don't you think to do otherwise is racist?

errm excuse me did you know that those times you jokingly say all white people are terrible is a lot like that time other people really did think the jews were bad?!?!


... OH SHI-

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I love what you do

I love translating too. It is great.

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You seem to enjoy an excuse to be hateful. Does it make you feel good knowing this is slowly what you are irreversibly becoming known for? Fuck all people with white skin, including my two sons who aren't even three feet tall, they just have to learn that their white skin separates them.

Psst. PSSST.

(My dad is a honky)


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What are your thoughts on autonomous killing machines? Will they make us safer or should we be concerned?

So long as you arm the autonomous killing machines with guns for self-defense we'll probably be fine.

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Would you consider yourself good at giving advice?

*honk honk*

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You are talking about white people like a certain group of equally progressive socialists used to talk about Jewish people. Were they right to enact legislation against Jews to make things fairer? Or did they misunderstand how to aim for equality?

*honk honk*

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Speaking of philosophy of language, have you ever read anything by Wittgenstein?

Call me a peasant, but besides a class I took in philosophy one time I tend to prefer reading summaries of the main ideas of philosophers rather than reading the books themselves. That way I can mull over ideas for myself without feeling pressured to subscribe to everything they say.

Wittgenstein! He's a funny one. I love looking at the philosophy of language, but Wittgenstein always makes me giggle.

Why, you ask? Okay, so get this: he writes a nice big philosophical book to end all philosophical debate, concluding more or less that we will never get to the bottom of what makes the world work the way it does or what our purpose (if any) is, because we as humans fundamentally lack the words/language to be able to holistically talk about or describe these things that are so beyond our scope of experience.

Pretty amazing stuff, right? I loved that conclusion so much, and I do kind of feel the same way about the human experience. But then...

Wittgenstein wrote another philosophy book.


*wipes tear from eye* Oh poor, dear Wittgenstein... you sold out. :')

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1) Jesus wasn't black he was Arab 2) who cares anyway -oh wait- you do...

You care more than me apparently *honk honk*

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If you were a tree, what are your top three choices of what tree to be?

1. Weeping Willow, so I can bemoan the death of all gamers
2. Oak, once I get my PhD and start working at a university
3. Money

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Linguistics! Apart from studying languages, did you like studying the theory and stuff? Like Grice's Maxims, the euphemism treadmill, that shit was really interesting.

Oooh gosh gosh gosh

I LOVE linguistic theory. So much. Especially as it pertains to translation. Did you know that Friedrich "big moustache" Nietzsche once talked about the idea of translation as a "form of conquest"? Translation, he claims, was used by the Romans to completely annihilate Greek culture, taking what it wanted, making it theirs and burning the rest. Fascinating.

Also, I'm quite interested in the changing nature of humour in language over time (as you might have guessed), as well as how that humour can/cannot be translated into other languages. Take the pun-laden Japanese two-person "manzai", which has some similar elements to Western double-acts in terms of performance but relies heavily on culturally-specific concepts and puns.

I'm currently re-reading Peter Ladefoged's "A Course in Phonetics" to reprime myself for learning the bunch of new languages I have planned over the next year or so. Phonetics to me is a great key to being accepted in your target language. Plus the international phonetic alphabet is a hell of a lot of fun.

Uh, I'll stop blabbering now. I double-majored in Japanese and Linguistics, so this shit MOVES me <3

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Multiculturalism is harmful for society and is unrelated to the more benign and irrelevant concept of multi-racialism. Discuss.

You're asking a mixed-race person to discuss whether multi-culturalism is harmful to society. lol silly honky

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Should we preserve or accommodate cultures into western nations that harbor unequal attitudes to women and homosexuals? Is multiculturalism an ideal we should uphold?

What a story, Mark!

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DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features: Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it Exaggerating your achievements and talents

Can you repeat that in the form of a question, honky-tonk, and this time try not to be ironic?

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Why is race so important to you? Doesn't discriminating language just create more unnecessary separation between people?

Ha ha ha "why is race so important to you?" Obvious honky is obvious. :')

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I take it from your sarcastic response that using derogatory terms for people's colour is okay? Isn't that dehumanising?

I take it from your lack of understanding of that you don't realise I have absolutely no idea who you are or what your initial question was? Get in line, honky. <3

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What do you think it would be like to live life as a bird?

As a woman I take offence to your word choice.

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What is an average rate for translation/localization for a game? Is it per word and per language? "It depends on xyz" yeah but let's say someone with your education and proficiency, and I'm just looking for a ballpark $USD/hr. Thanks.


Honestly, I can't give you an exact answer. It depends on the company and its scale, and also whether you are working as a freelancer or in-house (in-house translators are paid per annum as opposed to per job). Sometimes it's done per hour, and sometimes per word. Also, depending on the language you will often be paid at different rates. For example, translating Spanish to English is a much lower rate than translating Japanese to English. For the purpose of this answer I'll talk in terms of Japanese to English, as that's where I've had the most experience!

The lowest rate you'd probably expect is about $0.02US/character, which is pretty shitty. I'd say average would be about $0.05US/character, and on the upscale maybe around $0.08US/character?

I've not encountered a localization job that was paid per hour, honestly, so I probably couldn't give you the $USD/hr rate that you asked for, but I hope that helps to some degree?

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