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Do you approve of gay marriage

Brian Baek
Yeah. It doesn't infringe on any of my beliefs nor does it really affect me. I guess a better way to put it is "I don't care either way." It might sounds offensive but there are plenty of good reasons for both sides of the debate and I dont really take a stance on either

when's the last time you had explosive diarrhea and/or constipation and what, in each case, brought it on?

Vicodin is a bitch.

Would you rather live believing in God and learn that he's not real or live not believing in God and learning that he is real.

Brian Baek
This is just pascal's wager
if you believe in god, and he's not real there is -1 finite loss (you can value the amount of "loss" you have with your belief in god - ex: you can't do as many things following religious doctrine, time wasted due to religion, mindset changes due to religion, etc)
if you don't believe in god, and he's real, then there is -infinite loss, since you're thoroughly and infinitely fucked from being an atheist.
So I would rather believe in god and then learn he's not real

of all of the movies nominated for best picture at this year's academy awards, which have you watched? Rank these from best to worst

I've only seen one the nominations so I can't really say

Are you a long or short-term relationship kind of person?

I'm definitely more of a long term relationship kind of person. You know, gotta build up that bond. Then again I'm sure most people would like to consider themselves as such, so take it as you will

why so popular

because I'm just so nice to everybody, you know. When you're as nice as me you become popular ^~^ I bring out the best in ppl

How do I achieve infinity elo and 420 girlfriends like you EricSempai?

Chicks dig elo.
play the ops. play eve/kha win games. ez pz

how do i win your love

bring me food
play league with me
like Pacific Rim
bake me cookies
cuddle while watching Walking Dead c:

Would you rather have multiple decent relationships in high school, or a few meaningful ones in college?

Few meaningful ones in college. IMO relationships in high school don't exactly mean much simply because the level of maturity isnt there for most couples, there simply isn't enough time and energy to spare due to the rigorous 8 hour school day( + homework), and there arn't any resources to "do anything" ...
I'm not sure who's statement it was, but someone (important!) said that to properly foster any social relationship, you optimally need
1. random, UNEXPECTED encounters
2. continuous struggle with hardships
3. Common, shared interests
The first one is terrible in a high school setting. Nobody ever bumps into someone "unexpectedly" in high school, while it's perfect in college. Most univerisity campuses can be taken to a small community, and as such it is a common occurance for this to happen. Honest, #2 also sucks for high school. While there are plenty of hardships in high school, very very few of them are continuous, and even less of those are done WITH someone else. THis is why I think relationships in high school arn't as meaningful - and its one of the reasons I think why when we ask our parents who their friends from childhood are, there are only one or two from high school, but an abundance from college.
TLDR: High school sucks at forming relationships (in general, but also romantically), but college is usually more sucessful.

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